Klaten, Central Java (ANTARA News) - The Central Java Archeological Office (BP3) will starting next year study a concentration of prehistoric stone mounds that were found near the Merak Temple complex recently, a spokesman said.

"Genuine rock formations resembling parts of a temple were found around Merak Temple, and earlier, around two months ago, we discovered at least five prehistoric sites surrounding the temple," head of the Central Java BP3`s Preservation and Usage Section, Gutomo, said here on Saturday.

At a location around one kilometer from Merak Temple, researches found stone mounds in the form of stupas, he said.

"We believe there are many more prehistoric sites buried near Merak Temple. Therefore, in 2012, we will begin a search in areas surrounding the newly renovated temple, to find out whether the location is a temple complex or not," he said.

The search would determine whether there was an area of one thousand temples in Karangnongko and Prambanan sub districts.

"As we know, in the two sub districts, there are several temples located close to each other, and most likely they are historically related," he said.

Local villagers had also found a number of prehistoric objects in their settlements and even buried under their houses.

Klaten is known as an area having many prehistorical sites in the form of temples. It is believed that there are many more unexplored prehistoric sites in the district.

BP3 researchers found a trench structure in the complex of Plaosan and Sojiwan temples in Prambanan sub district.

Some 13 small temples were also discovered around Plaosan Temple during an archeological search there.

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