PLN to build solar power plants in border areas

Kupang, E.Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - State power company PT PLN, Kupang office, planned to build solar-power plants (PLTS) in the border areas like Oepoli in Amfoang Timur sub-district, Kupang regency, directly bordering with Timor Leste enclave, Oecusse.

"This has become a priority project of PLN because in every respect the border area needs to be well lighted," manager of PLN Kupang office for East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Fredik Nawa said here Tuesday.

Fredik Nawa said it is very difficult to build a power network from Kupang to Oepoli because it a very difficult area and domain, and that a PLTS would therefore be very conducive.

In Oepoli, for instance, many people are already using PLTS projects using accumulators and batteries, but the technology cannot accept maximum radiation for a stable source of power.

"The current technology is no longer conducive so that PLN is seeking better technology for the illumination of the border areas," Fredik Nawa said.

Fredik Nawa said the building of PLTS projects is more focused on the illumination of streets, while that for households will be realized in stages.(*)