Karanganya (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian government has made a strong commitment to develop and promote traditional medicine, especially jamu (medicinal herb tonic), with a view to integrating traditional medical treatment into the national health system, in which a number of regulatory frameworks had been published, including the development of jamu scientifically.

The Health Ministry in developing jamu scientifically or for research purposes this year has provided a budget of Rp45 billion, Health Ministry secretary general Ratna Rosita said on the sidelines of the participants of an International Conference on Traditional Medicine in Karangpandan, Karanganyar regency, Central Java, on Wednesday.

He said the budget for the development of jamu has also been increasing. Jamu has now also entered hospitals treating various diseases like cholesterol, uric acid, and hypertension. "We will continue developing traditional drugs which had often been more acceptable culturally by the people than conventional ones".

"Traditional drugs will be prioritized in Java as they are normally closely related to the culture of the people on the most densely populated part of the country which has become popular in using jamu. In other parts of the country, jamu may be produced in the form of capsules or other more accepted forms," he said.

Karanganyar Regent Rina Iriani SR said the people have become increasingly popular in using traditional drugs.

She said as security includes benefits and quality of traditional drugs, jamu has also been scientificated. Karanganyar is part of Central Java which has become a national example of a jamu scientific program of medical treatment.

The Karanganyar administration supported the central government`s policy on the integration of traditional drug treatment into national health services and jamu scientification process, while preparing biological resources.

Karanganyar has more potentials in the cultivation of medicinal plants.

The seminar participants from ASEAN member countries led by Health Ministry secretary general Ratna Rosita also watched the treatment at the various public health centers using herbal drugs. (*)

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