Sriwijaya Air to operate 32 planes by end of 2011

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The national private airline company Sriwijaya Air said it will operate 32 planes up to the end of this year.

"Right now we already flying 30 planes, and up to the end of this year there will be two others bringing their total to 32," commercial director of Sriwijaya Air Toto Nursatyo said in Jakarta Friday.

Toto said that Sriwijaya Air which will be observing its eighth anniversary on November 10, 2011, may have flown eight million passengers by the end of this year.

"Last year 7.2 million passengers and in view of the growth of the number of its passengers as well as improved perception of our customers, we are optimistic that this year the Sriwijaya Air would fly such a big number of passengers," he said.

Toto said that up to the middle of this year the number of passengers had reached 3.5 million.

He said the 30 planes include 12 B-737 200s, 12 B-737 300s and six B-737 400s, while the two planes coming early in December are a B-737 300 and a B-737 400," he said.

In the meantime, next year Toto added Sriwijaya Air will have another 22 planes and at the same time phasing out in stages 12 B-737 200s.

"Starting in April to December 2012, the 12 B-737 200s will be phased out," he said.

Next year will see 12 B 737-500s, five B 737-800 NGs and another five Embraer E-190s.

Toto said the B-737 500s will be arriving in April, 737-800NGs in May, and the Embraers each one from August to December.


Toto also said starting next year Sriwijaya along with the rejuvenation of its planes, the airline company will also have business classes.

"These C classes will accommodate the consumers` requests like government, private officials and businessmen," he said.

So, he said, the number of business class seats in each flight will be eight, and the rest will be economy class seats.

In addition, Toto also explained a number of progresses of Sriwijaya Air.

"Already operating is an electronic ticket reservation program at the head office and branch offices," he said.

He also said that starting next year, and the following two to three years, we will raise our class to improve the quality of our services and operations, he said.

Toto also said that after the phase had been reached, our services and operations will become part of the Life Style of Sriwijaya Air.(*)