Cinangka, West Java (ANTARA News) - Mount Anak Krakatau in the Sunda Strait, West Java, continues spewing puffs of white smoke, but the Geological Disaster Mitigation and Volcanology Center (PVMBG) maintains the danger status of the mountain at Level III or alert level.

Chief of Mt Anak Krakatau Observation Post in Pasauran, Cinangka, Serang, Banten province, Anton S Pambudi, said here on Wednesday that white smoke had been spewing puffs since two days ago.

"As usual, white smoke had been blown by the wind into the sea," he said.

According to him, PVMBG kept asking people or tourists to stay away from a radius of two kilometers from the mountain due to the volcanic tremors.

PVMBG banned people and tourists from getting near to Mount Anak Krakatau since September 30, 2011 because it was dangerous, he said.

However, he called on fishermen and the people surrounding the Mt Anak Krakatau to continue doing their daily activities so long as they abide by the recommendation issued by the PVMBG.

Previously, Anton said, "the number of volcanic tremors on October 7 reached 5,883 and on October 6 it was 5,543 and on October 5 5,204." (*)

Editor: Ruslan Burhani
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