Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The ruling Democrat Party is to hold an extraordinary congress (KLB) if the party`s chief, Anas Urbaningrum, proves to be involved in the Wisma Atlet corruption case, a senior party official said.

"If he is found to be involved or otherwise, well, we will hold a KLB. But we have not thought of it yet as no clear sign has come yet from the current judicial process. So we cannot make any assumption about it now ," EE Mangindaan, a member of Democrat Party`s advisory board, said after a meeting at the vice presidential office here on Friday.

He said his party sticks to implementing the principles of presumption of innocence in dealing with the issue and hopes the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) could act fast in the handling of the case.

"So, KPK had better act fast in its investigation so that the issue will soon become clear. If he is not found involved, then there is no problem," he said.

He said until now there had been no talks on replacing Anas Urbaningrum as the party`s general chairman.

He said a high-level party meeting two days ago did not touch on the question. "At the meeting we only discussed internal improvements and preparations to consolidate for the 2014 general elections," he said.

Mangindaan also denied that he had been mentioned as potential candidate to replace Anas. "No, there is no such thing. It was not mentioned at the meeting. It is possibly just a people`s prediction," he said.

He said Anas had carried out his tasks according to his mandate. "I think he has carried out his job according to "tupoksi" (the main tasks and functions)," he said.

Anas Urbaningrum has been under media spotlight lately after his name was mentioned by witnesses in the trial of former Democrat Party treasurer Muhammad Nazaruddin in connection with corruption in the SEA Games Athletes` Village (Wisma Atlet) construction project in Palembang. So far Nazaruddin has often mentioned him being involved in the case.

The intensive media reporting of the issue and the protracted judicial process of the case has affected the party`s popularity.

Another Democrat Party advisory board member Hayono Isman said based on a survey the party`s popularity had continued to drop due to Nazaruddin`s alleged corruption case.

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