House Commission I supports March to Jerusalem

House Commission I supports March to Jerusalem

(REUTERS/Ammar Awad)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The House of Representatives` Commission I (foreign affairs) supports the Global March to Jerussalem (GMJ) campaign to be launched by a number of humanitarian organizations next March 30, the commission`s chairman, Mahfudz Siddiq said.

"We support movements to liberate Jerusalem as they are one of the main agendas of the Palestinian people," Mahfudz said at the parliament building here Monday.

A number of humanitarian organizations in several countries plan to hold the GMJ to liberate Jerusalem from the clutches of Zionist Israel.

The campaign is meant to mobilize followers of the world`s three great religions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - as well as all people supporting justice and opposing oppression ro stage peaceful demonstrations on Israel`s borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

"Elements in the struggle of the Palestinian people itself indicate that it is not the fight of a single religious group but a humanitarian cause. Even Bung Karno (Indonesia`s first president) had stated that the struggle to liberate Palestine is a fight against a remnant of colonialism ," Mahfudz said.

Therefore,he said, Indonesia as an anti-colonialist country must support the liberation of the Palestinian people.

However, Mahfudz added, the matter now being given priority in Palestine was efforts to consolidate reconciliation between Fatah and Hamas to form a bipartisan government.

A number Indonesian humanitarian organizations have been calling on the public to take part in the campaign to liberate Jerusalem from Zionist Israel control.

"The GMJ is a peaceful movement of civil society to make the world community aware that Jerusalem must be freed from Zionist Israel occupation," said Joserizal Jurnalis of the presidium of the Medical Emergency Rescue Committee (MER-C).

The people participating in the march would gather at the Isreal-Joran border and then try to make their way to the holy places of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in Jerusalem to show Zionist Israel that those spots belonged to the three religious groups.

Muslims in the march would head to the Al-aqsa Mosque,Christians to Christ`s birth place and Jews to their wailing wall.