Indonesia will continue to face greater threats in future."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia will face more asymmetric and complex threats in a bid to maintain its unity, according to head candidate of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Sutiyoso.

"Indonesia will continue to face greater threats in future. Thus, it needs to establish a strong State Intelligence Agency to counter various threats," Sutiyoso noted here on Tuesday.

Sutiyoso elaborated on his program and mission during a fit and proper test held by Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives as a requirement to become the head of the State Intelligence Agency.

The agenda was led by Chairman of Commission I Mahfudz Siddiq and several members of the commission were present during the test.

Sutiyoso pointed out that intelligence, cyber, and economic threats are among the various threats faced by Indonesia and other countries.

"Advancements in science and technology coupled with the highly complex political defense situation trigger proxy wars in the world," Sutiyoso emphasized.

He added that globally, the growth in population and economic developments have led to increasing competition among the countries to maintain their energy sources and economic strengths.

The countries are also competing in a race to master technologies, and in the process, they will become more prone to engage in stealing and safeguarding technologies.

Indonesia is also facing challenges and threats with regard to illegal immigrants and its borders with neighboring countries, Sutiyoso pointed out.

Mahfudz noted that President Joko Widodo has submitted the name of only one candidate for the head of the intelligence agency. The Indonesian House of Representatives will give its recommendation to the president.

The Commission I will hold an internal plenary meeting to decide on the recommendation to be given to the president.

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