Moslem students urged not to celebrate Valentine Day

Moslem students urged not to celebrate Valentine Day


Banda Aceh, Aceh (ANTARA News) - Moslem students in the provincial capital of Aceh have been urged to shun Valentine`s Day celebrations on February 14.

"This is not part of Islamic teachings but a non-Muslim symbol or propagation," Banda Aceh chapter of the Association of Indonesian Moslem Students (PII) general chairman, Alimuddin Armia, said on Monday.

He said a Moslem is not allowed to follow non-Moslem traditions, especially the one who practices his faith, ideology or custom.

"As Prophet Mohammad said anyone who imitates a group, the person concerned becomes part of the group," he said.

Alimuddin said the Valentine's Day, which is popular among the youth, has a negative impact due to era of globalization.

The foreign culture has been misunderstood by Moslem youths in Aceh, particularly in Banda Aceh.

"Generally the youths do not know the meaning and significance of the Valentine's Day. They only know that it marks the celebration of love. They do not know its history or why the day is celebrated," he said.

According to history, he said, the celebration marks an ancient Roman religious ritual to honour Saint Valentine, who died on February 14.

According to Islamic faith, he said, a Moslem is not allowed to celebrate the holy day observed by other religions including the ancient Roman rite.

"So, it is clear the celebration is a non-Moslem ritual and therefore Moslems must not celebrate it because it is against the Islamic teachings," he said.