Michelle Yeoh attends premiere of "The Lady" in Indonesia

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - World popular artist Michelle Yeoh has the chance to attend the premiere of "The Lady" movie in Jakarta.

"I am very happy to have the chance attend the premiere of `The Lady` in Jakarta, this is a nice city," she said at a press conference here on Sunday.

The film, directed by Luc Besson, depicts the poignant love story of the modern world`s most prominent prisoner of conscience Aung San Suu Kyi (Michelle Yeoh) and her final ten years of marriage to the academic Dr Michael Aris (David Thewlis).

Yeoh noted about "The Lady" that she was very proud and honored to play the heroine of democracy in Burma.

"I adore her as a heroine, Aung San Suu Skyi is a very tough and strong woman, I am very proud to play her figure on the movie," she said.

She added "The Lady" was not just about Burmese politics, but more about concern on the drama in Suu Kyi`s life in the last ten years being separated from her family, husband and children.

In spite of the daunting distance, prolonged separation and the dangerously hostile regime, their love for each other triumphs over the obstacles and barriers along the way.

"This movie should be titled `The Lady` and `The Gentleman` because this is not only the story of Suu Kyi, but also of her husband, Michael Aris and their loves," she said.

Yeoh pointed out that in her figure as a democracy fighter, Suu Kyi has a romantic story about her paradox, between the separation with husband and children, without any communication, and the duty for her country.

As the artist of the Oscar`s nominee, "The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" (2001), also concerns about the democratization process in Burma, she was sure there is a continuing change through democracy.

"I do hope that will be continuing and no turning back in the democracy process in Burma. Also, through the international support, mainly from ASEAN Community, I am sure it will be coming true," she said.

"But, I have zero interest to be a politician, I am just a humanitarian activist," she added. (*)