Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA News) - At least 935,724 foreign tourists visited Bali island from January through April 2012, up 10.23 percent over the same period the previous year, which recorded 848,899 arrivals.

"Tourists are mostly coming through the Ngurah Rai airport, with direct flights from their countries. Only 31,229 of them enter through the seaport with cruise boats," Head of the Bali Office of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Gede Suarsa said here on Friday.

In April, there were 225,338 foreign tourists who came directly from their country, up 0.35 percent over the same month the previous year.

Gede noted more than 2.82 million foreign tourists visited Bali in 2011, up 9.72 percent from the 2.57 million arrivals in 2010.

He explained there was a significant rise in the number of tourists from seven countries, while there was a decrease in tourist arrivals from three countries.

The seven countries include Australia (from where 219,903 tourists came this year, up 8.23 percent from 219,903 during the same period last year), China (74.60 percent, from 71,186 to 124,293), Malaysia (0.99 percent, from 52,507 to 53,927), South Korea (11.95 percent, from 37,277 to 41,730), England (13.46 percent, from 32,128 to 36,454), Singapore (6.87 percent, from 30,455 to 32,548) and the United States (6.87 percent, from 26,777 to 28,482).

However, the number of Japanese tourists declined by 14.13 percent to 55,349, from 64,455 during the same period the previous year. Arrivals from Taiwan fell 7.03 percent to 36,676, compared with 39,451 tourists in the same period last year, while French tourists declined by 3.35 percent (to 27,929 from 28,897).


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