... we have abandoned the previous economic practices which chased short-term benefits...
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Susilo Yudhoyono has stated that the government is committed to implementing green economic development to promote people's welfare without sacrificing environmental preservation.

"The green economic development approach is a major leap for us, because we have abandoned the previous economic practices which chased short-term benefits and passed down various environmental problems," Yudhoyono remarked here on the occasion of World Environment Day on Tuesday.

Under the green economic concept, development will be directed at achieving three main objectives: economic growth which will create job opportunities and reduce the poverty rate; environmental preservation, particularly of the ecosystem and biodiversity; and social justice.

"We are, of course, applying the green economic principle in accordance with the conditions, characteristics and needs of our nation and people," he stated.

Indonesia's green economics is an integrated and complete concept which can be implemented to achieve the development goals, which are pro-poor, pro-employment, pro-growth and pro-environment.

The concept will be supported by the presidential instructions on the National Action Plans to Reduce Greenhouse Gasses, on Energy Efficiency and on the Deforestation Moratorium, in addition to the Presidential Decree on the Anti-Judicial Mafia Task Force.

By implementing low-carbon-emission economic development, Indonesia has committed to reduce its greenhouse emissions by 26-41 percent.

"Our green economic development strategy is to maintain economic growth at 6 to 7 percent, and at the same time, to reduce carbon emissions by 26 percent from our emission projection in 2020," the president noted.

Editor: Ade P Marboen
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