"The construction has been temporarily halted."
Malang (ANTARA News) - Lack of mangrove plantations at the southern coast of Malang district, East Java, has caused severe abrasion of shorelines along at least 20 beaches in the region, according to an official.

Marine and Fishery office head for Malang district Endang Retnowati said here on Monday that Sendangbiru beach was the worst affected by abrasion among the 20 beaches.

"Abrasion at the Sendangbiru beach has reached up to 100 metres wide and 30 metres long, and is considered to be in an alarming state as the shoreline continues to be eroded by seawater, thanks to limited mangrove plants in the area," he noted.

According to Endang, the abrasion at Sendangbiru beach not only threatens the sea of sand on the shoreline of a tourist area, but also thousands of fishermen who depend on the beach.

He said the abrasion was getting even worse due to the development of the national fishing port, as the wave-breaker rocks at Sendangbiru Beach were being removed.

"Removal of the wave-breaker rocks makes the coast more vulnerable to erosion by big waves," Endang pointed out.

He said the marine and fishery office had raised the matter with the East Java provincial government, which was developing the national fishing port project.

"The construction has been temporarily halted for the reconstruction of wave-breakers, which is scheduled to be done next year," Endang added.

To control the current abrasion, the local marine and fishery office is working hard to procure mangrove seedlings in bulk, because it cannot depend solely on the state budget.

In 2011, Malang`s marine and fishery office has planted around 27,000 mangrove plants on a beach in the Tirtoyudo district.

"This year we are trying to get additional budget from the revised state budget," Endang said.

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