"Children below five years easily become the victims of the disease..."
Pekalongan, Central Java (ANTARA News) - Long drought began to leave its mark with 1,800 people of the regency of Pekalongan, Central Java, hit by acute infection in respiratory tract.

Suwondo, the head of the district office of Disease Prevention and Control Service said the upper part of the respiratory tract is easily hit by infection under exceptionally long dry season.

"Viruses, bacteria and other organisms could attack the bronchial tubes, the nose, the mouth, larynx causing acute respiration infection," he said.

In turn, the infection would cause headache, fever, cough and pain in the larynx and ears, he said.

"Children below five years easily become the victims of the disease, therefore, extra caution is needed to protect children from the disease," he said.

The disease is highly epidemic spread by the air, he added.

He said drinking much hot water and consumption of healthy food and fresh fruits could help resist the viruses.

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