"Nothing wrong in associating with Hindus, Catholics , Buddhists, Protestants or Kejawen followers," Syafii Maarif said
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former chairman of Muhammadiyah Syafii Maarif called on the younger generation among members of the Islamic organization to promote pluralism.

Pluralism believes in living together, respecting the existence and rights of other faiths, in line with the humanitarian principles, Syafii Maarif said.

The younger generation of Muhammadiyah should be able to associate with people of non Islamic communities, he said here on Monday.

"Nothing wrong in associating with Hindus, Catholics , Buddhists, Protestants or Kejawen followers," he said when speaking at a discussion on "Reflecting one century of Muhammdiyah.

"Muhammadiyah as a big tent should be active in promoting pluralism. Being a big tent is not just a slogan but has to be practiced in life," he said.

He also said Muhammadiyah was not designed to run state administration, but it is an Islamic movement to promote the Islamic teachings.

He said the recent decision of the Constitutional Court dissolving BP Migas is a right decision as BP Migas had violated the the state constitution.

BP Migas has been established to represent the government in dealing with oil and gas contractors in the country.

Muhammadiyah took part in petitioning the dissolution of BP Migas.

"The present regime no longer complies with the constitution such as with the Chapter 33 of the 1945 Constitution which rules that water, land, and all natural wealth are controlled by the state for the welfare of the people," he said.

Muhammadiyah is a religious organization dedicated more to reform in education, health care and and social activities, he said.

Meanwhile, an anthropologist from the Chiba University in Japan, Mitsuo Nakamura, said Muhammadiyah has transformed mysticism Kejawen Islam into a modern Islam in education, health care and social welfare.

Nakamura said middle economic class has become the main social base of Muhammadiyah, which is one of two largest non political Islamic organizations in the country.(*)

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