"Let`s make this experience more fulfilling in the future."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The United Nations (UN) has given an award to the Indonesian Peace Corps contingent (also known as the Garuda contingent or the Konga XXI contingent) for the successful completion of several tasks in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa.

The contingent`s spokesperson, First Lieutenant Cku Sulikan, said the United Nations` Mission De L Organesation Des Nations Unies Pour La Stabilization en Republique Demokratique du Congo (MONUSCO) gave a certificate and a medal to the Konga XXI contingent.

The Konga XXI contingent was given a certificate and a medal for successfully completing several tasks.

The Konga XXI contingent, under the Ituri Brigade, was involved in the maintenance (phase II) of a 42-km road between Dungu and Duru.

In addition, the contingent was involved in the maintenance of a 145-km bridge between Dungu and Faradje. The contingent constructed a 45-km road between Dungu and Ngilima. The contingent also looked into the maintenance of the Dungu airport and a rehabilitation prison.

The Forces Arm'es de la Republique D'mocratique du Congo, which is the brigade office for the Rudia sector, assisted the Kongo XII contingent in the Dungu area. They facilitated the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges.

The Kongo XII contingent`s mission in Congo will be completed by December 29, 2012, and the officers of the contingent will return to Indonesia immediately.

Sulikan said the UN is impressed by the Indonesian army because Indonesian officers are able to understand the needs of the locals. Unfortunately, other contingents have not been able to build a rapport with the locals.

Ituri Brigade`s Commander, Brigadier General Sabbhir Ul Karim, expressed his gratitude to the Kongo XII contingent because they are not just able to build good roads and bridges, but they have won the hearts of the locals.

Brigadier General Sabbhir Ul Karim hopes that other contingents can emulate what the Kongo XII contingent has done for the people of Congo.

"Bon voyage and may God bless you. Let`s make this experience more fulfilling in the future," he said. ***1***

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