"We had detained three suspects."
Surabaya (ANTARA News) - The Narcotics Investigation Directorate of East Java Police has destroyed 908 grams of shabu (methamphetamine) worth Rp2 billion.

The drug is worth Rp2 million to Rp2.5 million per gram.

"We had detained three suspects. They were travelling from Malaysia, carrying 924.1 grams of shabu. We are carrying out laboratory tests on 16.1 grams of shabu. 908 grams of shabu have been destroyed," said the Chief of Drugs Investigation Directorate of East Java, Police Commissioner Andi Loedianto, on Wednesday.

Several officers from the Custom board, the E. Java Attorney and several officers at the Police Forensic Laboratory witnessed the destruction of the drugs.

Andi said the shabu was brought into Indonesia by an immigrant worker, Nasir bin Maruki.

He was caught by a customs officer, the National Narcotics Prevention Board and the Narcotics Investigation Directorate of East Java in Juanda International Airport, Surabaya on November 4, 2012.

"An investigation was carried out by the police. The police managed to catch two drug smugglers from Madura: Sudi and Choiril," said Andi.

According to him, the suspects placed shabu in the soles of their shoes. They also wrapped the narcotics in white coffee sachets.

This year, 2,500 cases of narcotics have been reported to the East Java Police.

"We hope that the operating budget worth Rp5 billion will be returned to the state," he said.

By carrying out several investigations, the police has caught at least 80,000 users of drugs, mainly private parties and students.

Nasir has confessed that this is his first delivery of shabu.

"I was told that I would get Rp8 million if I delivered the shabu to Ali in Madura successfully. Unfortunately, the police caught me before I could carry out the delivery," he said.

He claims that he is unaware that he was carrying drugs.

"I was told to deliver some items. I was told that I will be paid if the package was delivered to Ali in Madura. However, Ali had gone into hiding," he said.

The East Java Police believes that Ali was planning to distribute the drugs in E. Java.

"It is possible that Ali was planning to distribute the drugs in Bali and Central Java too," said the Chief of Drugs Prevention in E. Java, Police Commissioner Sudirman.

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