Bengawan Solo flood in Bojonegoro receding

Bengawan Solo flood in Bojonegoro receding

(ANTARA/Aguk Sudarmojo)

"However, we will remain on the alert as the rainy season is not over yet."
Bojonegoro (ANTARA News) - The flood caused by the overflow of Bengawan Solo River in Bojonegoro regency, East Java province, is showing signs of receding, according to an official.

"The water level of downstream Bengawan Solo, from Ngawi (Bojonegoro) to Gresik, seems to decreasing. However, we will remain on the alert as the rainy season is not over yet," said Mucharom, a spokesperson of Technical Operation Unit of Bengawan Solo River and Water Source Management of Bojonegoro, here on Tuesday.

The water level of Bengawan Solo River in Bojonegoro was recorded to have decreased by 1 centimeter to 13.83 meters (alert level I) at 9am local time on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the water level in Ndungus and Ngawi was reported to be below the flood alert level, touching 4.95 meters at 9am local time. The water level in Karangnongko village of Ngraho subdistrict, 70km from Bojonegoro, also lowered to 26.60 meters at 6am.

The downstream water level has also decreased to 7.62 meters in Babat (alert level II), 5.49 metres in Plangwot or Laren (alert level III), 3.96 meters in Karanggeneng (alert level II) and 1.85 meters in Lamongan, Kuro and Gresik (alert level II).

Bojonegoro administration spokesperson Machmuddin noted that the flood had caused material losses of more than Rp17 billion.

The flood inundated a total of at least 4,447 hectares of rice fields and other crops along 77 villages in seven sub-districts, including Kota, Balen, Baureno, Ngulanan and Kepohbaru.

"The biggest loss came from the rice fields because as many as 1,000 hectares of ready-to-harvest paddy fields were inundated," said Kasiyanto, the Head of Disaster Mitigation of Bojonegoro.

The local administration and security agencies remain on the alert and are setting up evacuation and disaster mitigation posts in anticipation of more floods, because of the high rainfall expected in January.

Previously, on Monday, Surakarta Mayor FX Hadi Rudyatmo stated that the flood, which had affected seven villages in the region, had receded and the residents of those villages were returning home.

There are hundreds of houses in the seven villages affected by the Bengawan Solo flood in Solo.

At least 52 houses in Joyontakan village, 41 in Gandekan village, 61 in Jebres village, 148 in Kampung Sewu village, 39 in Pucangsawit village, 223 in Semanggi village and 384 in Sangkrah village were inundated by the flood.

The floodwaters had reached a height of between 40cm and 95cm. However, the water has now receded and the residents are returning home to clean up the debris.

The mayor could not estimate the material losses due to the flood. No casualty has been reported so far, although 1,104 families were affected by the disaster.