"The data helps us detect extreme weather conditions that may cause flooding."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Weather Radar Assessment and Application of Technology Agency (BPPT) has stated that the flooding in and around Jakarta on Thursday was because of the northeast monsoon winds from South China Sea.

"This natural phenomenon increased the volume of Ciliwung river to 650 cubic metres, causing it overflow and flood central Jakarta," Head of Disaster Mitigation Technology BPPT Udrekh said at the National Monument in Jakarta on Friday.

"BPPT Weather Radar Technology is able to monitor the movement of rain clouds with a resolution of 500 metres and can provide fresh data every 6 minutes," he noted.

"The data helps us detect extreme weather conditions that may cause flooding," Udrekh explained.

The technology also helps provide Information relating to rainfall distribution and rainfall intensity, among other things, which can be accessed by the public and decision makers via the Web, SMS, smartphones and social networking.

"A software called `Sijampang' was developed by BPPT in 2009, which is reliable enough for decision makers to provide early warning of flooding to the public," Udrekh stated.

"Sijampang also involves people as sources and receivers of information," he continued.

Udrekh said BPPT experts had predicted that heavy rainfall would cause flooding in Jakarta on Thursday.

"BPPT, in cooperation with BNPB, is developing Weather Modification Technologies (TMC), which offers three methods to reduce the potential risks of flooding. One of the methods involves making rain clouds precipitate before reaching the Watershed (DAS) around Jakarta," he stated.

"This process involves the use of a fleet of BPPT aircraft," Udrekh pointed out.

"Another method involves the use of ground equipment that can make the approaching rain clouds continue to grow in size so they do not precipitate over the Watershed. The method can also be applied by using aircraft that can fly at altitudes above 20,000 feet," he said.

Udrekh noted that the new weather modification technology would help reduce rainfall in the catchment area of Jakarta by more than 30 percent.

"The application of this technology helped us conduct the SEA Games 2011 in Palembang," he added.

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