Thousands of chickens dead of bird flu in Jambi

Jambi (ANTARA News) - Thousands of chickens died of bird flu in a number of villages, Batanghari district, in the past several days, residents said.

"We ascertain that the death of thousands of chickens in the district of Batanghari was caused by bird flu virus. We have taken the samples of the dead chickens and we found that the cause of the death of fowls was H5N1 virus," Ismail Elly, the head of the Animal Husbandry Service of Batanghari, Jambi, said here on Thursday.

The cases of chicken death took place in a number of villages such as Durian, Luncuk, Rengas Condong, in Muarabulian subdistrict.

Ismail said the bird flu that hit Batanghari district was spreading, among others in the subdistricts of Bathin XXV, Tembesi, Bajubang, Pemayung and Muara Bulian. (A014)