"Excessive promotion of medicine will make the community less rational."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - There is no method of medical treatment that can ensure healing from a certain disease, Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) Chairman Zaenal Abidin said here on Monday.

"In medical realm there is only a term of utmost effort, and thus there is no medicine that can bring perfect healing besides God," Zaenal said.

He made the statement to respond to the misleading health service advertisements in print and electronic media.

Zaenal noted that even a medical act which was taken on the basis on an incident could not ensure the healing of a patient.

"Therefore, the health service advertisements should be regulated thoroughly by the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission in order not to be misleading," he said.

Earlier, the National Agency of Food and Drug Control (BPOM) called on the community to beware of misleading advertisements of medicines and health services.

"Excessive promotion of medicine will make the community less rational," BPOM spokesperson A Retno Tyas Utami said.

Retno said the a good drug ads should be balanced with education and commercial interest.

Editor: Priyambodo RH
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