"If the stock was still available, we would have suffered a loss..."
Kudus (ANTARA News) - The price of imported garlic decreased by Rp20,000, from Rp60,000 per kg to Rp40,000 per kg, in Kudus District, Central Java.

The garlic price had gone done since Tuesday (March 19), thanks to the second supply from distributors, said a garlic trader in Kudus Bitingan Traditional Market, Handayani, here on Wednesday.

She said, the price of the first supply of garlic amounting to six tons on March 12) was still high, namely Rp60,000 per kg.

The stock, however, was sold out because the quality of the garlic, was quite good.

"If the stock was still available, we would have suffered a loss because the decrease of garlic price now is Rp20,000 per kilogram," he said.

She admitted that quality of the second supply of garlic is lower than the previous one.

To anticipate the loss, she added, the garlic stock was limited to only 2.5 tons, because the selling price is now Rp40,000 per kg.

Other garlic trader Tono said he still has garlic stock with the price of Rp60,000, so it`s hard to sale now because the price has already decreased.

He hoped the selling price of garlic could return to normal.

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