Indonesia reaches 18% emission reduction

Indonesia reaches 18% emission reduction

Balthasar Kambuaya. (ANTARA/Sahrul Manda Tikupadang)

"We have cut accumulation of 18 percent since last year."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Environment Minister Balthasar Kambuaya said Indonesia had cut 18 percent of its greenhouse gas emission of its total 26 percent target.

"We have cut accumulation of 18 percent since last year," Balthasar said after inaugurating the Third Indonesia Climate Change Education Forum and Expo here on Thursday.

He said the ministry can achieve the figures after implementing several programs such as Proklim project, trash and waste management project as well as transportation and industry sectors management.

"There are many efforts that we have conducted to achieve the target and the government is still trying to implement other programs," said Balthasar.

He said the Ministry is committed to decrease green house gas emission to 26 percent in 2020.

Balthasar said more than 80 percent of the green house gas emission reduction came from the forestry and peat land sectors.

"The government also conducts other efforts such as through mass trees planting that targets one billion trees," Balthasar said.

The ministry, said Balthasar, is also reducing the deforestation level and avoiding land destruction in several areas.

He expected the collective trees planting programs can absorb millions of tons of carbon dioxide from the region and decrease the green house gas emission.