Participants are also expected to share their ideas about how to handle volcano issues...
Yogyakarta (ANTARA News) - Yogyakarta`s Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is to host the 8th Cities on Volcanoes international conference next September 13, the organizing committee spokesman, Danang Sri Hadmoko said here on Sunday.

The biennial conference initiated by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth`s Interior (IAVCEI) will gather vulcanologists from around the world to discuss latest researches and issues about volcano.

Participants are also expected to share their ideas about how to handle volcano issues from the point of view of disaster risk and resources.

IAVCEI is a non profit organization whose members are researchers from around the world. According to its official website the organization represents the primary international focus for: (1) research in volcanology, (2) efforts to mitigate volcanic disasters, and (3) research into closely related disciplines, such as igneous geochemistry and petrology, geochronology, volcanogenic mineral deposits, and the physics of the generation and ascent of magmas in the upper mantle and crust.

IAVCEI is run by an Executive Committee whose membership changes every four years. The Executive determines policies for the Association, enacting them through a series of Commissions and TaskGroups.

IAVCEI aims to be outward-looking, seeks relationships with other international scientific organisations, and participates in international scientific projects. It aims also to maintain a robust publishing policy, encouraging the presentation of high caliber, volcanological research results, mainly through its premier international journal the Bulletin of Volcanology.

(Reporting by Bambang Sutopo Hadi; translating and editing by Amie Fenia Arimbi)

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