Gorontalo (ANTARA News) - Floods triggered by incessant heavy rains since Tuesday evening until Wednesday morning in Gorontalo city virtually paralyzed the local people`s activities.

The floods, which spread to several parts of the city, forced many people and students to skip their work and school because their houses were inundated.

"I am unable to go to my office today because the water level in my house has risen to 30 cm high," said Adi, a civil servant here on Wednesday.

According to him, the floods which were caused by the overflowing of Bulango river had inundated hundreds of houses in Molosipat area.

"The Bulango river was unable to hold the water which broke some embankments and flooded several areas in the city," Adi said, adding that the traffic along Eyato street that connect Molosipat area and the city center was also paralyzed.

Meanwhile, Agus, an employee of a private company in Gorontalo, also said he could not go to work because of the floods.

"I have called my manager and told him that I could not go to work today," he said.

The floods also caused panic among local residents as the flood watershed invaded their houses.

Some people believed the flood occurred because the drainage system could no longer hold the water from the downpours that had frequently fallen over the past few days in Gorontalo.


Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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