Police probe mysterious shooting incident at TransJakarta bus shelter

Police probe mysterious shooting incident at TransJakarta bus shelter

Sr. Comr. Pol. Rikwanto. (ANTARA/Chicarito)

The bus was in the fast lane, heading towards Cawang."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Police are investigating a mysterious shooting incident that took place at a TransJakarta bus shelter over the bridge of Cawang Station in Jalan MT Haryono, East Jakarta, at 1.30 am on Friday.

"Police investigators have visited the location and examined the scene of the incident," said Sr Comr Rikwanto, Jakarta Regional Police chief spokesman, here on Friday.

He stated that when the shooting took place, M Riskan, a Transjakarta security guard, was at the bus shelter and heard a gunshot. The guard then found that the glass wall of the shelter had been broken, and upon looking outside, he saw a passing black minibus, Rikwanto continued.

"The bus was in the fast lane, heading towards Cawang," he said.

Rikwanto added that police investigators have gathered witnesses and pieces of evidence in order to identify the perpetrators.

Over the past several days, a number of mysterious shooting attacks on police officers have taken place.

First Adjunct Inspector Dwiatno, from the Cilandak sub-precinct police station in Ciputat, South Tangerang municipality, Banten province, was shot dead by an unidentified man on Wednesday (August 7).

The police officer, from the Community Development Unit at the Cilandak sub-precinct police station, was shot at 5am, Western Indonesian Time (WIB), said Police Commissioner Sungkono, chief of the Cilandak sub-precinct police station, later in the day.

Sungkono added that his team was still investigating the incident in order to identity the gunman.

Earlier, on July 27, Second Adjunct Inspector Saktiyono, from the Traffic Unit at Central Jakarta Police, was shot by two motorcyclists on Cirendeu Road, Ciputat, at 4.30am.

Indonesia Police Watch (IPW) has stated that police must analyze the several mysterious shooting attacks on its personnel in recent days and train as hard as possible to tackle such situations.

"The National Police should examine the shooting phenomenon seriously and train its members to the maximum extent possible to deal with such problems," IPW Presidium Chairman Neta S Pane stated here on Wednesday.

Neta said efforts at the grass-roots level were necessary for police personnel to earn the public`s respect and also anticipate the actions of criminals who dare to shoot police officers in the field.

Based on IPW data, he added, there were three incidents of attacks on police personnel in Jakarta during the past month.