"Yes, I am traveling back to Jakarta not alone."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A total of 80,090 people have until Monday migrated from Sumatra to Java during the post-fasting Idul Fitri holidays this year.

Head of ferry firm PT ASDP Indonesia for Bakauheni office Yanus Lentanga said here on Monday that 564,593 Idul Fitri revelers from Java had previously traveled to hometowns in Sumatra through Bakauheni ferry port to celebrate the Lebaran festivities.

In the meantime, returning Idul Fitri travelers from Sumatra to Java in the post-festivities have until Monday morning been registered at 644,683 persons, he said.

So, he added, there is a difference 80,090 travelers between those going hometowns in Sumatra and those returning from the festivities to Java. This figure is counted from homebound travelers during seven days before Idul Fitri D-Day and nine days after the Idul Fitri holiday.

Seeing the figure, the number of returning Idul Fitri travelers increased by 14 percent, Yanus said.

Two wheel vehicles passing through Bakauheni ferry port reached 4,379, up 8 percent from 75,556 homebound motorbikes to 61,935 returning ones.

Four wheel vehicles crossing the Sunda Strait from Java to Sumatra through Bakauheni port before Idul Fitry holidays stood at 60,289 while the returning ones after the festivities numbered 72,329 units, up by about 20 percent or 12,040 vehicles.

Bakauheni`s command post data showed on Sunday that a total of 41,515 thousand travelers had until 8 a.m returned to Jakarta from Sumatra.

Many of the travelers brought family members, relatives or friends to Jakarta.

Marsila (38), one of the pedestrian ferry passengers, said she was returning to Jakarta not alone but was accompanied by friends who intended to try their luck in Jakarta.

"Yes, I am traveling back to Jakarta not alone. I was alone when I went to hometown to celebrate the Idul Fitri holidays," she said.

She said she was just trying to help her friends because the company in her workplace was planning to recruit new workers.

Irvan, another travelers, said he was going to Jakarta to find a job. "I want to work in Jakarta. My friend told me salary in Jakarta is higher than in the region," he said.

Therefore, he expressed hope that he would find a job in Jakarta and get a higher salary.

He explained that Lampung province offered less job opportunities. "Many university graduates (S1) are still jobless."

He said that he hoped Jakarta would be promising for him. "Who knows I will get a chance in Jakarta so that will be able to financially assist my parents," he added.

Manpower and Transmigration Minister Muhaimin Iskandar has earlier said that after the post-fasting holidays about one million newcomers are expected to migrate to big cities throughout the country.

"This is a phenomenon where people from villages migrate to cities after Idul Fitri or Lebaran holidays. They come to cities to seek jobs," explained the minister on Monday.

Most people migrating to cities do not have proper skills and find it extremely difficult to obtain jobs, authorities noted.

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