Jakarta (ANTARA News) - A group of 11 Islamic social organizations rejected the plan to hold Miss World contest in Bali saying it is against the national morals and culture.

The organizations grouped in the Friendship Institution of Islamic Mass Organizations (LPOI) announced the statement after a meeting of their leaders at the Nahdatul Ulama office here on Wednesday.

LPOI general chairman KH Said Aqil Siroj said any event especially international events should be viewed from benefits and disadvantages it gives to the national interest.

"Miss World contest has more disadvantages than benefit," Said Aqil, who is also general chairman of NU.

He said Miss World contest is no more than just an extravaganza throwing money around.

"What is certain is it is an extravagant ceremony with no clear benefit. It is different from Pak Jokowi`s ceremony, which promotes Betawi culture," he said referring to Jakarta`s Governor Joko Widodo.

General secretary of LPOI Lutfi A Tamimi said the reason is a hoax that holding the contest in Bali would promote the country.

"The world already knows Indonesia without Miss World contest. Our neighbor rejects Miss World contest, but they (the organizer) even feel proud," Lutfi said.

LPOI, however, said it would not act as a pressure group to force the cancellation of the event in Indonesia. LPOI is against any form of violence in voicing its rejection.

Said Aqil said LPOI has no authority to cancel the Miss World contest.

LPOI is only expressing its position and the aspirations of the Muslim communities hoping that the authorities would consider the rejection, he added.

"We would not take to the street. We just leave to those in authority," he said.

LPOI groups NU, Persatuan Islam, Al Irsyad Al Islamiyah, Mathlaul Anwar, Ittihadiyah, Persatuan Islam Tionghoa Indonesia, Ikatan Da`I Indonesia, Azzikra, Syarikat Islam Indonesia, Al Wasliyah, and Persatuan Tarbiyah Islamiyah.(*)

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