Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Former finance minister Fuad Bawasier has called for special audit of state debts to understand the transactions.

"If need be, we should conduct a special audit on state debts because debts are very dangerous. If they are audited, the purpose of the money can be known. The brokers will be known too," the former finance minister said on Friday.

Speaking to a discussion, focused on the weakening of the rupiah against the US dollar, Fuad added that Indonesia`s debts, which continued to increase, are very dangerous.

He said the depreciation of the rupiah against the Greenback also worsened the problem created by the state debts.

"Our debts continue to increase while they are not used for productive business. It is quite dangerous," Fuad said.

The former finance minister expressed his concern over the present conditions. He claimed he did not see any clear policy from the government.

According to Fuad, the policy taken by the government so far was only temporary and reactive in nature.

"In general, the government`s ability in reading the conditions in the economic sector is rather low, all are bad. If they are students, all have red marks. If am their teacher, I will say they all fail the grade test," he said.


Editor: Jafar M Sidik
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