Thousands of police to guard labour protest

Jambi (ANTARA News) - At least 1,500 members of the Jambi Regional Police are to be deployed to maintain peace during labor protests planned to take place from October 28 to November 2, 2013.

"We hope all security personnel members will control their tempers and avoid reckless actions in securing the rally," said the Head of Jambi Regional Police Brigadier General Satriya Hari Prasetya here on Friday during a troops preparation exercise.

The exercise includes participants from several security institutions, including Indonesian Military (TNI), Civil Service Police, and Jambi Transportation Sub-official.

Prasetya said Police will prepare smoke grenades and water cannons in order to be ready to act during riots.

"We are avoiding the use of weapons and guns to disperse a possible labor riot. We will remove guns and replace them with non-harmful gear," Prasetya said.

He also checked several vehicles and security gear, which will be deployed to secure protests.

"We always check the security equipment and personnel conditions before they are deployed to duty," Prasetya said, adding that police will focus on guarding security in Jambi City and Muarojambi District.

Labor leaders will voice their demands regarding the Regional Minimum Salary and Jambi Province Minimum Salary.

"We hope the labor members will not conduct anarchist actions and disturb the public's activities. The security officers will implement Standard Operational Procedures to manage the labor protest," Prasetya said.