The film will later be screened on CCTV, at home and abroad, lasting for about 70 minutes."
Beijing (ANTARA News) - The ASEAN-China Center plans to promote investment opportunities and tourism destinations in Indonesia to boost relations and cooperation between China, ASEAN member countries and Indonesia.

The ACC secretary general, Ma Mingqiang, told Antara here on Tuesday that he would visit Indonesia, along with two groups from China Central Television (CCTV), next week.

"This will be my official visit to Indonesia to increase cooperation and good relations between China and Indonesia, which is one of the most important countries in ASEAN," he said.

Ma Mingqiang said, while in Indonesia for one week, that he would meet with government officials from the ministry of foreign affairs, the Investment Coordinating Board and a number of the country`s businessmen.

Along with two CCTV groups, he will also visit Yogyakarta in central Java and Medan in North Sumatra to create a documentary film on local foods and tourist destinations in the country.

"The film will later be screened on CCTV, at home and abroad, lasting for about 70 minutes," he said.

Ma Mingqiang said the ACC focuses on improving relations and cooperation between China and members of the Associations of Southeast Asian Nations, especially in investment, trade, education, culture and tourism.

"China is encouraging reliable and credible investors to invest in ASEAN, including in Indonesia. We are also encouraging Chinese tourists to travel to the region," he said.

The ACC has always included potential investment and tourism destinations in its program for promotion, not only in China but also among ASEAN member countries.

"We can conduct promotion by bringing along Chinese businessmen and journalists to ASEAN member countries and taking ASEAN businessmen or officials to China to conduct promotion in China," he said.

He added that ACC has promoted Cambodian tourism by broadcasting programs on CCTN network for five to seven minutes over 65 presentations.

"The result last year was that the number of Chinese tourists visiting Cambodia rose to 1.8 million, from only about 1.2 million earlier," he said.

Reporter: Rini Utami
Editor: Priyambodo RH
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