YIWU, China, Nov. 5, 2013 (ANTARA/PRNewswire) -- The five-day 19th Yiwu Fair was concluded at the Yiwu International Expo Center on October 25th. According to statistics by the organizers, the 19th Yiwu Fair, actively attended by local and overseas merchants, achieved a turnover totaling 16.615 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 1.68%, with foreign trade totaling 1.696 billion (62.1% of the total), an increase of 7.16%.

Remarkably, this fair has attracted 196,957 visitors from 203 countries and regions, a 1.76% growth over last year, among which 22,201 were from overseas (increased by 6.3%). Judging from the transaction volume, this fair featured more content and showed remarkable characteristics of trade and business. There were 4,500 international-standard booths established and 2,747 companies from 59 countries and regions participated.

For a more professional and convenient fair, appropriate adjustments were made to the layout of industries, which were integrated into seven out of the 10 industries of the last Fair, including categories like hardware, electronic & electrical appliances, jewelry & accessories, arts & crafts, daily necessities, stationary & sports goods, and underwear & socks. In addition, the organizers have set up an E-commerce and Trade Service Area, all contributing to a more professional layout and a greater scale resulting from grouping more commodities in each professional exhibition area.

On top of the main venue, the 19th Yiwu Fair set up other parallel venues including the Yiwu International Trade City, Huangyuan Market, Furniture Market, Wholesale Food Market, Home Appliance Market, Telecom Market and Digital Mall, effectively boosting the positive interaction between the Fair and the markets, making it possible the displaying of over 1.7 million products in 70,000 booths.

Moreover, during the fair, the Organizing Committee has managed to plan and organize a variety of events, including the 2nd China (Yiwu) International Sourcing Fair, the 3rd Yiwu Overseas Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention, the 3rd China Jewelry Forum, Trends & New Product Launches at China Commodity City, the Press Conference for Yiwugou (a platform for cross-border e-commerce), China International Summit Forum on Bag Design and Trends, Visit to Yiwu by Commercial Officers: Concerns for Import, and the B2R Project Promotion for Yiwugou. All these events helped achieved the double effects of interaction with the Fair and greatly enhanced the effectiveness of the business.

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