Kuwait sees Indonesia as important partner: Ambassador

Kuwait City, Kuwait (ANTARA News) - Kuwait views Indonesia as an important partner since both countries are parties to the 5+2+7 partnering concept.

The Indonesian Ambassador for Kuwait Ferry Adamhar stated that the first 5 countries which are important for Kuwait are its neighbors Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

"Besides, the 2 countries on the partnering concept are Iran and Iraq. Meanwhile, Indonesia is included in the 7 countries category along with Malaysia, S. Korea, Japan, Turkey, India, S Africa and Germany," stated Ferry here, on Tuesday.

The Ambassador noted that the inclusion of Indonesia in the 7 countries category reflected that Kuwait sees Indonesia as an important partner in diplomatic and political relationships.

The support of Kuwait to Indonesian status has also reflected the warm relationship of both countries in bilateral and multilateral cooperation.

"Kuwait views Indonesia as a tough country and not one that is easily provoked by the issues that can break the sovereignty," pointed out the Ambassador.

The Indonesian support for Kuwait independence after Iraq invasion has also triggered a warm relationship between both the countries.

The trade value between Indonesia and Kuwait has also increased by 15 percent at USD2.5 billion in 2013, which was mainly supported through commodities like furniture, tires, papers and foods.

"Indonesia supplies at least 60 percents of paper in Kuwait," Ferry explained adding that Kuwait exports oil commodity to Indonesia.

Besides, Kuwait tourists visiting Indonesia has also increased by 30-40 percent to 1,300 persons.

"Indonesia promotes Borobudur Temple and Komodo Island among Kuwait tourists and so they are interested in visiting Indonesia," Ambassador said.