Abu Dhabi, Jan. 21, 2014 (ANTARA) - The Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Sharif C. Sutardjo paid visit to the Blue Economy Summit in the framework of the Sustainability Week 2014 held in Abu Dhabi. Of the event, the Presiden of Republic of Seychelles James Alex Michel has agreed to entwine partnership with Indonesia, especially in terms of the promotion of the global scale of the blue economy concept. Seychelles also supports the Indonesia role in pioneering the blue economy implementation in the marine affairs and fisheries.

Sharif explains, as an archipelago, Republic of Seychelles is enticed to the way Indonesia implements the blue economy concept. Moreover, Seychelles having 115 islands pretty much relies on marine and fishery sectors for its economy base. As an archipelago, Seychelles' safety depends on the environment condition, giving a huge attention to the global climate change and the maritime safety. "Seychelles definetely supports the blue economy concept implemented by Indonesia, and they agreed to further work closely with us. They even claimed prepared to be the distribution base of Indonesia fishery to be exported to Africa and Middle East," said the Minister.

To further socialize the blue economy-based marine and fishery sectors development, MMAF privately met with the FAO delegation led by the FAO director-general. The result, FAO will help Indonesia implement the blue economy in the agreed pilot project regions spanning Lombik, West Nusa Tenggara, and Nusa Penida, Bali. Furthermore, FAO encouraged MMAF to present and promote the blue economy to the FAO members during another Summit that will be held in Mongolia on March 2014. "In addition, the FAO Director-General encourages MMAF to develop the blue economy concept in the south-south collaboration," stated Sharif.

On the same occasion, the Minister officially met The owner of Lulu Group Companies Abu Dhabi, Mr. M.A. Yousuf Ali whom MMAF will partner with in the development of the Indonesian fishery product in the Middle East market. "Lulu Group Companies is poised to invest in the marine and fishery sectors in Indonesia. They stated that they'd invest $200 million for the development of the National Fish Logistic System," he added.

Lulu Hypermarket is one of the largest retail networks in Middle East possessing 105 outlets with 30.000 employees. Lulu Group Companies is keen to partner with Indonesia, especially in marketing the Indonesian fishery product. MMAF sees this as a strategic opportunity to increase the Indonesian fishery product distribution abroad.

On another occasion, the Minister also paid a visit to Palm Jumeirah to conduct the information exchange and partnership in terms of the land reclamation. On the meeting, the Palm Jumeirah was representated by Mr. Rasheed Ahmad (the Chairman of Nakheel Company). "Experience and capability of the Palm Jumeirah will drive the implementation of Presidential Decree on the Coastal Reclamation and Small Islands No. 122 2012 to the Indonesian coastal areas," he explained.

The Blue Economy Summit held in Abu Dhabi, on January 19-20, 2014, as the series of Abu Dhabi Sustainable Week Events. Republic of Indonesia Delegation was led by the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Sharif C. Sutardjo, accompanied with the representatives of Indonesia embassy for Abu Dhabi and Kenya, and the officials of

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