Police say fire at Pertamina refinery in Riau not sabotage

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA News) - Riau police confirmed that they found no elements of sabotage in the fire at the PT Pertamina Refinery Unit area in Dumai, Riau, on Sunday night.

"However, investigations into the cause of the incident are still going on," Riau Police spokesman Adjunct Senior Commissioner Guntur Aryo Tejo informed ANTARA here on Monday.

He explained that the fire is currently believed to have been caused by a blockage in an oil pipe and it did not take place at the refinery as it has been reported so far.

To prevent its recurrence, he assured that the police will seek to find the real cause of the fire.

Regarding public protest following the fire, he added that it had been controlled and it will not threaten the states asset.

The general manager of PT Pertamina RU II, Yan Syukharial, noted in a press statement that the fire occurred at the Hydrocracker Unit (HCU) Unibon 211, when the temperature at Heater 1 was being raised for a start up process after it had been stopped.

When the fire broke out, the operation was stopped immediately and the fire was put out successfully, he explained.

He elaborated that the fire however had triggered public anger but there has been no casualties due to the incident nor has there been any pollution caused.

"We are still investigating to find the main cause of the fire," he stated.

He added that the other units remained normal for operations to produce oil fuels. (*)