Immigration officers will inspect several places regularly and arrest illegal foreigners..."
Medan (ANTARA News) - The 17 illegal immigrants from Palestine, who were arrested by officers, have increased the total occupants of the immigrant detention house of Medan in Belawan, North Sumatra, to 212 people in March 2014.

"There are at least 212 illegal immigrants living in the Medan house detention, all of them from different countries," the Chief of Medan detention house, Purbanus Sinaga, said here on Friday.

According to Purbanus, the immigrants who come from the Middle Eastern countries are in good health and the officers are monitoring their activities.

Despite entering Indonesias territory without official documents, the officers are taking care of them and treating them well.

The immigration office staff has each month arrested foreigners who do not have any official documents as it violates Indonesias laws.

He said the total number of illegal immigrants who were arrested by the officers has potentially increased as many foreigners have arrived in North Sumatra without legal documents.

"Immigration officers will inspect several places regularly and arrest illegal foreigners, who do not have any legal documents, in accordance with the laws of Indonesia," Purbanus noted.

Many detainees live in the house as of March 2014, including 19 people from Afghanistan, six from Bangladesh, 17 from Palestine, 54 from Myanmar, 35 from Somalia and 30 from Sri Lanka.

Besides these illegal immigrants, there are also 17 Iranian, 17 Sudanese, two people from Eritrea, nine people from Pakistan, and one person each from South Africa, Taiwan and Nepal.
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