China highly concerned about possible Australia MH370 find

China highly concerned about possible Australia MH370 find

Photo document of a relative of passengers (front) Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 menanging when walking past journalists at a hotel in Beijing, China. (REUTERS/Jason Lee)

Beijing (ANTARA News/Xinhua-OANA) - China paid great attention to Australias possible findings related to missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said on Thursday.

Two objects possibly related to flight MH370 have been sighted by satellite in the remote southern Indian Ocean, Australian officials said Thursday.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott told parliament that "new and credible information" based on satellite imagery had come to light, and that four long-range surveillance planes were being diverted to look into the find in the southern Indian Ocean.

China expects the Australian side to send vessels and airplanes as soon as possible to related waters for search and verification, said Hong.

He said the Chinese Foreign Ministry has ordered the embassy and consulates in Australia to keep in close touch with the Australian authorities and assist the Australian side in the searching and rescuing work.

The Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, mysteriously disappeared in the early hours of March 8. A total of 239 people were on board, including 154 Chinese passengers.