JIS cooperates with FBI to trace sexual abuse

JIS cooperates with FBI to trace sexual abuse

Jakarta International School (JIS). (ANTARA/Reno Esnir)

We had contacted the FBI to verify the case in the JIS."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta International School (JIS) stated that it will cooperate with the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) in tracing the sexual abuse case of William James Vahey, who had worked for the school in 1992-2002.

"We had received information about the FBI investigation relating to sexual abuse in one international school in Caracas, Venezuela. We had contacted the FBI to verify the case in the JIS," the school head master Timothy Carr stated in a press release received here on Thursday.

He also said Vahey was an employee who worked for the JIS. "We had confirmed that Vahey was a former teacher in the JIS who stopped working in 2002," he added.

According to several foreign media channels, Vahey had killed himself on March 21, 2014, after the FBI started the investigation.

According to Carr, the FBI is investigating the sexual abuse case and the JIS will fully cooperate with the officers.

"Meanwhile, we will still focus on the current condition that hit our school, including the temporary closure of the Early Childhood Program," Carr said.

The FBI noted that Vahey had worked for the JIS in 1992-2002. He also taught in several international schools in different countries since 1972.

The agency stated that Vahey was involved in pedophilia after the FBI found pornographic photographs of teenagers 12-14 years old in his flash disk.

Vahey gave time codes and locations that refer to several schools that he taught in before. ***1***



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