Jakarta (Antara News) - The government should soon take active steps to stop Israels military aggression on the Gaza Strip, which had claimed many lives of Palestinian civilians, urged a legislator.

"The government should move immediately, so that the aggression is stopped. Every single day of failure to stop the aggression will cause increasing number of civilian casualties," Habib Nabiel Almusawa, a member of the House of Representatives (DPR), stated here on Friday.

Nabiel was responding to condemnation voiced by Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa against the Israeli military aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The foreign minister has remarked in a press statement that the Indonesian government condemned Israels recent military attack on the Gaza area of Palestine.

"Indonesia condemns Israels military offensive in Gaza. It is an act that has caused a lot of innocent casualties in Palestine, and it has created a new obstacle in the efforts to create a condition conducive for the continuation of peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine," noted Foreign Affairs Minister Marty Natalegawa.

The minister pointed out that Israels recent military action had aggravated the distress of the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. Marty described the military action as a "collective punishment" conducted by Israel on the people of Palestine.

"It must be understood that the core problem here is Israel occupying Palestines area. This must end. We must push through the peace negotiation process between Israel and Palestine in order for them to agree on a two-state solution," Marty remarked.

However, Habib reminded the government that it should not just limit itself to criticism.

"It should not only issue a statement but should also demonstrate its commitment by directly involving itself in concrete international diplomatic actions," he stressed.

In the meantime, Almuzzammil Yusuf, the chairman of the Indonesian Parliaments Caucus on Palestine emphasized that the international community must help to put an end to Israels cruelty supported by the United States against the Palestinian people.

"I strongly condemn Israels cruelty, which is supported by the US and has killed at least 78 Palestinian people. I call on the United Nations, OIC, ASEAN, AIPA, and the international community to condemn Israel," Yusuf, who is concurrently the deputy chairman of the House of Representatives Commission III accentuated here on Thursday.

He also called on the leaders of the world to impose sanctions on Israel by severing diplomatic relations with the Jewish country and taking the Israeli leader to international court.

"Countries having diplomatic relations with Israel should sever their ties" he reiterated.

The lawmaker also urged Egypt to open its border gate to allow the international community to send humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Yusuf also called on the international community, under the coordination of the UN, to stop Israels military aggression.

Earlier, the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) also expressed condemnation against the Israeli attack on Gaza.

"MUI condemns Israels military aggression on Gaza, particularly now, in the Islamic holy month of Ramadhan (Fasting)," Muhyidin of MUI remarked in Jakarta on Wednesday.

"Indonesia must persuade the UN Security Council to take stern action against the Israeli military aggression," he stated, adding that the Arab countries must unite to stop the attack. (*)

Editor: Fardah Assegaf
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