This could cause unrest."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) has called on television stations in the country to stop broadcasting quick vote count results until the General Elections Commission (KPU) officially announces the election results.

"KPI has asked all broadcasting institutes to stop broadcasting quick counts, real counts, victory claims, and congratulations to presidential candidates until after July 22," KPI chairman, Judhariksawan, said here on Friday.

He said the decision was taken based on various considerations, especially public interest.

He said broadcasting vote counts, real counts, victory claims, and congratulations continuously has the potential to create public unrest.

"What will happen when people in one area could only enjoy certain television channels due to signal problems and then they hear that a certain candidate has won the election. This could cause unrest," he pointed out.

He said he had also heard that one survey institute had threatened to blame KPU in case the results of the institutes quick vote count later turned out to be different.

"At this point, KPI believes the trend is bad and therefore the decision has been taken," he said.

He said KPI will reprimand or even enforce administrative sanctions to stations that will not honor its call.

KPI will recommend to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to revoke the broadcasting license of the station concerned, he said.


Reported by Rangga Pandu Asmara Jingga



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