Hopefully, it will be a good example.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The quality and appeal of child-friendly broadcast programs in Indonesia are improving with an increase in their advertising revenue, deputy chairperson of the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) Mulyo Hadi Purnomo has said.

At a press conference on the 2022 Child-Friendly Broadcasting Award (APRA) here on Saturday, he informed that the number of television stations broadcasting child-friendly programs has also increased.

Ten out of the 18 television stations monitored by KPI are running various child and family programs, including the 102 programs in the fray for the 2022 APRA, he added.

The KPI is proud of the increasing number of programs since the public has often complained about the lack of programs for children and families made by television stations, he said.

Moreover, family programs can become a medium to educate the community on fostering their children, he added.

Hence, the commission has also included family programs as the newest award category for the 2022 APRA.

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Furthermore, radio programs on children’s fairy tales have also emerged as a new category at the awards. Thus, a total of 54 children's programs from 54 radios are competing in the radio child program and children's fairy tale radio broadcast categories at the 2022 APRA.

"We have noted that the (direct) interaction between parents and children has decreased a lot — and in the past, (listening to) fairy tales (read by parents) were very much awaited (by the children)," Purnomo said.

Hence, KPI is attempting to make fairy tales popular among children again through the radio.

“Hopefully, it will be a good example,” he added.

Earlier, he said that the 2022 APRA features 13 categories, including Indonesian animations, educational programs for children, foreign animations, variety shows/reality shows, features/documentaries, Indonesian family programs, radio fairy tale programs, and radio child programs.

Furthermore, there are special awards for broadcasters who have consistently produced child-friendly programs, such as the 2022 APRA Best Television, 2022 Child-Friendly Television, 2022 Child Caring Radio, and 2022 Indonesian Child Education Caring Television awards.

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