A total of 920 potential violations were found in 306 programs broadcast in Indonesia
Kota Batu, Jawa Timur (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Broadcasting Commission (KPI) found 920 potential violations committed by domestic broadcasters during 2020.

"A total of 920 potential violations were found in 306 programs broadcast in Indonesia," member of the Central KPI Institutional Division Hardly Stefano Periella stated here on Sunday night.

In 2020, the KPI found 920 potential violations that covered 306 broadcast programs.

Periella deems this figure as being quite high for some people while quite insignificant for others.

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Periella noted that the KPI currently oversees 16 main television networks in Indonesia. Some 16 main networks have an average of 15 broadcast programs per day.

The public can watch some 240 alternative programs that are broadcast in a day. In comparison with the number of potential violations, the average potential violation reaches one percent per day.

"The number of broadcast products totals 240, while the potential for violations is one percent per day. That is the potential," he noted.

To decide whether a potential violation is a violation, the KPI requires to conduct a verification process and other processes. With this figure, broadcasting institutions in Indonesia are actually still operating in accordance with the applicable regulatory corridors.

"With this data, our broadcasting conditions are still in accordance with the regulatory corridor. There are 99 percent that are still good as compared to one percent with the potential to violate," he pointed out.

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From a total of 920 potential violations, Periella remarked that the KPI finally reached a decision that 93 programs were found to be in violation for which the KPI had imposed sanctions.

"The KPI found 93 programs to be violation in 2020, and we imposed different sanctions," he stated.

He expressed optimism that the Indonesian people would choose quality broadcast programs. The KPI noted that in 2020, around 114 broadcast programs were of good quality and received awards.

"The KPI recorded 114 quality broadcasts in 2020. There are KPI Awards and others. The question is whether we will discuss the 93 problematic programs or else disseminate about the 114 good programs," Periella stated.

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