Police arrest suspects of indonesian student robbery in Kairo

Cairo (ANTARA News) - Egyptian police arrested on Thursday three suspects in the robbery case of two Indonesian female students of the Al-Azhar University, New Cairo Security Chief General Aly Al Damardash said.

Aly Al Damardash said that one of the arrested suspects was an owner of a second cellular phone outlet which was believed to be a fence of stolen cell phones.

He said that the robbery took place on a mini bus that caused the death of one of the female students after jumping from the vehicle.

The two students were Rizqana Mursyidah (25) who suffered from a stab wound in the hand and the late Gusti Rahma Yeni (23). Yeni has been buried on Tuesday (July 22) in her hometown in West Sumatra.

Spokesman of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo Windratmo Suwarno confirmed on Thursday the arrest of the suspects.

"The victim (Mursyidah) still suffered from traumatic condition so that she still refused to meet the suspects but all the arrested suspects admitted their crimes," Windratmo said.

He stated that the arrest was made only one week after the rubbery case took place on Thursday, July 17, 2014.

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