We continue to track them."
Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian National Police (Polri) has mapped a community group, which is allegedly affiliated with Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"The people affiliated with ISIS are hard-line groups that have existed in Indonesia, and they have already been mapped by the police. We continue to track them," Sutarman stated here on Thursday.

The police have mapped communities, which have been influenced by the ISIS ideology.

Therefore, the police are taking preventive steps against people who are affiliated with ISIS.

"We use preventative measures to remind the people not to join or support the activities of ISIS," he emphasized.

The police continued to oversee and arrest some suspects who support terrorist network, East Indonesia Mujahidin, led by terrorist Santoso who proclaimed his support for ISIS.

"We monitor and arrest people who support Santoso, and Santoso has declared his support for ISIS. Hence, these people will be our target, and we will continue to pursue them," he emphasized.

He remarked that the police have also retrieved a note, which revealed that there were about 56 Indonesians who went to Syria, of which four died.

"There were four Indonesian citizens who died there (Syria) in the area of conflict. Someone died because of suicide bombings," he noted.

According to Sutarman, there were some Indonesian citizens who directly went to Syria and Iraq, while others went through the countries of the Middle East.

"It is dangerous for Indonesia when they return to the country and engage in violence such as in Syria," he pointed out.

Therefore, the police have sought the support of all components of the society to fight together to help enforce the law against radical groups.

The government rejected the presence and the ideology of ISIS, Sutarman asserted.

"Law enforcement is the last bastion in solving the problem. But, we must secure Indonesia from violent acts committed by some radical groups," Sutarman added.

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