Sorong, W Papua (ANTARA News) - The government of Raja Ampat District has prepared 500 local homes in Waisai City to accommodate participants and visitors for the August 17 to 23 2014 Sail Raja Ampat.

Raja Ampat Districts Spokesperson Petrus Rabu said in Waisai City, Raja Ampat, West Papua District on Wednesday that the houses have been equipped with comforts similar to hotels.

"The participants and visitors need no worry to enjoy Sail Raja Ampat since we have provided adequate lodgings with hotel amenities, such as air conditioning," said Petrus.

The local government also has set up the Waisai Trade Centre as the venue for Sail Raja Ampats various events, such as the cultural festival and regional exhibition.

Petrus also confirmed that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will be present during the peak event of the 2014 Sail Raja Ampat in Tora on August 23 in Torang Cinta Beach, Waisai.

The peak event will be highlighted with a parade of 28 warships from Indonesia, Australia, and the United States.

To reach Waisai City, visitors should take flights from Sorong District, then connect to direct flights from Sorong to Raja Ampat, which are only served by Susi Air, with a maximum capacity of 14 passengers, or travel by ferry boat, which costs Rp100 thousand to Rp200 thousand per person.

While visiting Raja Ampats islands, such as Wayak or Paynemo, visitors can rent a speed boat, costing Rp15 million to Rp30 million. Group visits are recommended to reduce the cost of boat rentals.

In 2012, Raja Ampat was included in the Real Wonder of the World list and has been recognized as one of the worlds 10 most beautiful diving sites, and rated number one for its rich diversity of marine flora and fauna.

Based on various studies by world natural conservation agencies, such as Conservation International and Nature Conservancy, Raja Ampat waters are estimated to be home to 1397 fish species. The waters of Raja Ampat are also called the "Fish Capital of the World".

Reporting by Evarukdijati

Editor: Aditia Maruli Radja
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