Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA News) - Indonesian students have won a gold medal at the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference of Young Scientists (APCYS) organized by the National Academy for Educational Research, Taiwan, on August 18-22, Monika Raharti reported here on Monday.

Monika, from the Center for Young Scientists (CYS) Surya University, Tangerang, added that besides winning a gold medal, the students had also bagged two silver and two bronze medals, as well as three special awards.

In addition, in April 2014, Indonesian students had also succeeded at the International Conference of Young Scientists (ICYS) in Serbia.

Monika explained that nine students had participated in the international competition. They were selected at the local to national levels, and had been coached by various mentors from different universities and ICYS/APCYS alumni.

The nine students brought eight research materials, including physics, mathematics, computer science, environmental science, and life sciences.

"All the students have won medals," Monika said.

The gold medalists are Adina Alifiansi Candra Dewi from SMK (vocational school), Theresiana Semarang, Central Java. Her research was titled Moringa Seed as Water Cleanser.

Meanwhile, the bronze medal in the field of life sciences was won by a junior high school student from Surabaya, East Java, named Erika Rizki Sagita. The research was titled Aloe Vera Juice to Accelerate Growth of Soybean Seed.

"We hope the winners will become young Indonesian researchers, and their achievements can motivate other scientists," Monika added.

APCYS is a special conference on research and scientific paper presentation for high school students in the Asia-Pacific region, which aims to stimulate the teenagers in carrying out scientific research.

Editor: Ella Syafputri
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