Jakarta (ANTARA News) -- A representative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has expressed his confidence in Indonesias commitment to nuclear security.

In a press conference following the inauguration of Indonesias Center for Security Culture and Assessment (CSCA) in Serpong, Banten Province, on Monday, Kazuko Hamada said, "Indonesia is leading in the field of nuclear security. Not all countries understand the need for strong security measures."

The CSCA has the potential of emerging as an important nuclear culture experiment across the world.

"The National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) has demonstrated its achievements by carrying out independent studies," Hamada stated. "Building a culture of nuclear security is akin to inculcating an attitude and certain habits among individuals, organizations and institutions functioning as a facility to support and improve nuclear security."

An enhanced culture of nuclear security will provide a sense of greater assurance that the entire nuclear security system will accomplish its functions well. These include preventing, detecting, delaying and responding to, theft, sabotage, unauthorized access, illegal transfer and other malicious acts involving radioactive material, associated facilities and transport.

BATAN has implemented independent assessment methodologies in its nuclear reactors in Serpong, Bandung and Yogyakarta.

BATAN Chief Djarot S Wisnubroto emphasized that his agency needs a culture of nuclear security because many of its employees are senior citizens.

"When we become old, we usually feel comfortable and are not very vigilant. Therefore, a disciplinary culture is required," he stressed.

The newly-established center is expected to strengthen the enforcement of nuclear security measures because the agency uses three nuclear reactors for research.

Wisnubroto hopes that the center serves as a source of inspiration for other countries.

BATAN is experienced in enforcing nuclear safety measures and has received recognition from the IAEA.

CSCA executive Khairul pointed out that the IAEAs recognition had given the agency the motivation to establish the centre in Southeast Asia.

"BATAN has also assisted the IAEA in promoting a culture of safety and security through the CSCA," Khairul noted.(*)

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