Japan to open animation school in Indonesia

Japan to open animation school in Indonesia

Illustation of partnerships of Indonesia with Japan. (ANTARANews/Ferly)

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Japan will open Kadokawa Contents Academy, a school to teach animation, in Indonesia next year, according to its CEO Tetsuya Koga.

"This year we opened schools in Taiwan and Singapore, and we will open a school in Indonesia next year," Koga announced at the University of Indonesias Center for Japanese Study in Depok, West Java, on Friday night.

Koga said the Indonesian academy will not only offer courses on animation, but also on comic artistry, character design, 3DCG, illustration, card games, writing novels, and learning to become a voice actor with teachers from Japan.

According to Tetsuya, the courses will be taught in Japanese and translated into Indonesian.

"We will also support those students who would like to continue their studies in Japan," Koga explained.

He noted that Japanese culture has developed in many countries, including Indonesia, thanks to Internet technology.

Therefore, Koga said he was hopeful that students studying at the academy would be able to become content makers for animation and comics.

"Our goal is to provide education to the people of Indonesia so they can work and be creative with the elements of native culture and the history of Indonesia," he said.

Koga said the reason Japan chose Indonesia as one of the places to open the Kadokawa Contents Academy was because of the potential for Japan to develop its business.

He remarked that the increasing population growth in Indonesia, especially in its larger cities, is one reason why the country is a destination for Japan to do business.

Koga noted that in 2011, Indonesia was the fifth most desired country for Japanese business people to work with.

"But according to Nikkei Shimbun, this year Indonesia occupied the first position, pushing aside the Peoples Republic of China to the fourth position," he said.