Jakarta prepares technology-based complaint service

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - The Jakarta administration plans to prepare a technology-based complaint service program to invite public participation in reporting capital city problems.

"Any can report anything that happens in Jakarta using an Android-based cellphones," acting governor Basuki Purnama said here on Sunday.

He said he would not limit reports that people can submit, including about illegal car parking, street vendors, congestion, accidents, garbage and neighborhood security problems.

The acting governor who is often called by his nickname Ahok said he hoped community members would play a role in making the city to become better.

"It is the people who really know what happen in the city and so we are expecting their reports. It is all for our progress," he said.

He said the system would be set up based on volunteers idea who have so far monitored Ahoks program through social media.

"The system is free of charge and a deal has been made with regard to what the service would be like in the future," he said.

In connection with that he said the would conduct a training program and test the system in December before its launching in January.

"It would be easier to monitor village and sub-district heads start when they become managers later. With the system their performance will be known," he said.