Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR) will summon the chief of the Indonesian National Police, General Sutarman, if anyone reports the incident of violence inflicted on journalists in Makassar.

"No report has been filed so far, but there should be the one. How can Commission III call the chief of the Indonesian National Police (without a report)?" the Chairman of the DPRs Commission III, Aziz Syamsuddin, said here on Friday.

If anyone reports the incident, the commission will contact the Regional Supervising Inspector (Irwasda) to clarify the incident. The commission will, then, review it.

As long as there is evidence, we can act and follow up, Syamsuddin added.

"The legislature will support it (the case of violence against journalists) as long as there is evidence," he noted.

The chairman of the commission also pointed out that the demonstration that took place at the State University of Makassar (UNM) was not an illegal one and was based on the rules. He further admitted that such demonstrations were a reflection of democratic life in Indonesia.

"Of course, the police must be able to perform their duties and functions," Syamsuddin affirmed.

Moreover, a member of Commission I, Meutya Hafid, remarked that there was no justification for the police to attack journalists because Indonesia followed a policy of non-violence against journalists.

"The incident must be investigated and the perpetrators must be punished," he emphasized.

Hafid stated that violence against journalists was not an ordinary crime as journalists, who take on reporting, were reserved. Article 28 paragraph (f) of the 1945 Constitution stipulates that every person has the right to obtain information.

"Anarchists must be punished following legal procedures," he noted.

Hundreds of policemen raided UNM on Thursday and assaulted four journalists, Vincent Waldy, Iqbal Lubis, Muhammad Rifky, and Ikrar.



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